Sep. 9th, 2010

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I am exhausted.

As per my last post, my cousin Amelia died on August 17th. She was 34. She left three children, her parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, a husband... She was not the first of our generation to go. Robert, my mother's baby brother, preceded her by a decade. His loss still reverberates with pain amongst us.

This was the death that touched me most closely - but it was just the first in the last three weeks. We buried Amelia on the 20th. If anyone ever sings "You Are My Sunshine" around me again, they'd better have tissue handy. Katie, Scott, and I drove up to Blytheville on the 19th, came home on the 21st. My Auntie Bo was a miracle of grace and strength.

On the 24th, we received the news at the office that Mr. McDonald's mother had died. Mr. Mac had been going back and forth between here and Mobile, AL, where his mom lived, for two or three weeks. She'd gotten sick, had surgery, and was in the hospital. That's pretty much where she stayed until she died. On the 25th or 26th, I received word that Amelia's exhusband - the father of two of her children, and the adoptive father of her oldest - had died. Her ex had been in a serious accident sometime after their divorce and was left a quadriplegic. I never met the guy - but I felt for Amelia's kids. Within less than two weeks, they'd lost both mother and father.

The next week I was busy with school and getting ready for the family reunion. I won't recount how many times I heard, "My dog just died..." It was a great visit, bracketed by absolutely exhausting and oh-my-God-I-hate-the-car!!!! days. We left at 2:40am on Friday morning. We got to Illinois around 9:30pm. We stopped in Poplar Bluff to see Auntie Bo, and for the first time I got to meet Amelia's oldest child, Nicole. I think I managed to amuse her some. I hope I did. Being amusing isn't my forte. On the way back through, we stopped to see my grandparents and Auntie Bo met us there with Nicole and Alyssa, Amelia's other daughter. It was a nice visit. But that was a very long day, too. We left Illinois at 7:40am and got home at 10:30pm. We didn't spend as long in Poplar Bluff as we had the first time.

Tuesday morning at work, Cathryn was upset about something. She wouldn't tell me what, but it was obvious something was wrong. And Mr. McDonald wasn't in the office. I'd kinda expected him there. After lunch, Cathryn and Mr. Hensley called an emergency staff meeting to tell us that Mr. McDonald's 36-year old daughter had been found dead the day before, by her 14-year old son. Visitation and vigil were tonight - which I had to miss because I had class. Funeral is tomorrow.

Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. Death, begone. You've overstayed your unwelcome.


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