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Morning Vent:

Basic courtesy and consideration seems to have been mostly eliminated from our make up. An example: where I work, there is no assigned parking. However, the parking lot is not large, and is somewhat oddly shaped. This makes it difficult for larger vehicles to turn into the lot and pull into a space without a lot of maneuvering. Also, some employees have been here a while. All of us have been here long enough to have spots that we usually park in - and the employee base is small enough that we all know which car belongs to which employee.

There are two employees, however, who apparently don't care about considering the difficulties of the big-vehicle drivers, or the courtesy of leaving the usual-parking spots open if they get to work before the one who usually parks there does.

Peggy drives a Sonata. A mid- to smallish-sized car. Sandra drives a huge SUV, I can't recall which kind. There is just ONE spot, with three parking spaces, that Sandra can easily park her monster. Usually, Mr. Hensley, who also drives a large truck, parks there, too. And for over a year now, Gina has been parking there, although she doesn't have a large vehicle. But that's okay, because the other side of the building is where the other large vehicles park. A few months ago, there was a misunderstanding (which turned into a Situation) about assigned parking. Mr. Hensley, the big boss guy, apparently said something about saving those three spots for large vehicles. Apparently when Cathryn, the executive assistant, spread the word around, it appeared to Peggy that Cathryn was speaking directly to Melanie, and only Melanie. It became an Issue. Peggy and Melanie became upset and/or offended. Mr. Hensley, big boss guy, was drawn in. He dictated that no, there was no assigned parking.

So what happens? Peggy starts parking in one of those three spots every day she's here before all three are taken. This frequently leaves Sandra with no place she can easily park without blocking someone in. Melanie starts parking in one of those three spots, too. Or, as she did today, she blithely takes a spot where someone else usually parks. I park by the maintenance building. Linda usually parks right beside me. If she gets there before I do, she still leaves my space open. But today, Linda wasn't here before me and Melanie pulled in right in front of me. She took Linda's spot. It wasn't like she could pull straight in to it, either, since she came in the wrong entrance. No, she had to turn in to the spot, which was too tight a turn, back up, straighten out, then pull in.

There were other spots available. A lot of other spots. Why she took Linda's, I don't know. But it ticked me off. It was just RUDE. Linda parks there EVERY day.

Okay, yes, I know. It's just parking. It's a small lot. So what if you have to walk five extra steps? That, however, is not my issue. My issue is that this discourtesy and inconsideration - and in some cases, downright spitefulness - are just rude. That's all it is. With no cause, no provocation, just a habit of thinking selfishly. I find that offensive, and yet it's so very pervasive throughout society. People live too much in their own heads, and don't pause to think about others.


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