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I’m not fully convinced it’s snow. I always believe its ice, down here in Louisiana. Ice is a pain. Snow is fun! Either way, state and city government buildings are closed so I have the day off. Probably without pay, too, which really sucks. But the extra free day is nice! I can work on my resume, work on Hellgebra, clean my house, help my niece do her taxes, get the StarRise stories organized for editing, cook up some food for next week, for lunch and for class night…

Wait. That’s not a ‘day off’ is it? Huh.

Today begins the real test of resolve for the South Beach Diet. Home all day, I might get bored. I probably will. Boredom leads to snacking. Snacking is bad. It happened last night – but last night I managed to just snack on permitable things: roasted chickpeas and almonds. I over indulged in the almonds. And I wasn’t even really hungry. But, I didn’t reach for anything I should not have had, so – yay, me! I’m now approximately 2 lbs less than I was on February 1st.  I’ve been weighing myself ever day, as soon as I get up. The second morning alarmed me, since that day I weighed more than I had the day before. But I stuck with it! Cathryn, a coworker, is doing this with me, so that makes it even easier to stay focused. 

I need to go to the store at some point this weekend and replenish stuff for my breakfast casserole, and get more veggies. Maybe. I have to re-evaluate how many veggies I have now! I should go ahead and just premeasure them into two-cup portions so I can really plan. So far, so good, however. It’s before 9am and I’ve just finished breakfast. 

My brother is a sweetheart. When he came home this morning – very early this morning, around 2 or 3 am – he woke me up to suggest I take his car to work because the roads were getting bad. Waking me up isn’t a bad thing – he knows most of the time him just walking in the door will be enough to wake me up. But it was very sweet of him to be that concerned for me driving to work. I think I’ll keep him around a while still. 

I WANT this quilt…

I’ve been feeling an urge to redecorate my bathroom and bedroom lately. Considering today is my second anniversary for being planted in NW Louisiana again, this shouldn’t be surprising. Usually by this time, I’ve moved on, or I’m planning to!  We all know that if I’m not planning a move, then something needs to be changing.

I have been contemplating for some time now setting up my own domain and web page again. I would like to use that website for hosting a forum for writers and artists to gather and discuss, trade advise and resources, ask questions and get answers. I know there are already forums like that out there so there’s probably no point it in, but I think it would be nice. Set up a separate shared-world forum for folks who like to write and RP. Maybe publish a bi-annual magazine of stories from that shared-world.

And yet another forum for fanfiction escapades. 

But I’d really someplace where I could invite experts to share their knowledge. Someplace I could go, or any writer could, and ask, “So, if I want to feed a community of 500 through a 7 months cold season, how much land do I need to have under plow, and how much food will we need? How much corn is grown in an acre? How many people will that feed, for how long?” Or if I want to ask, “If Betelgeuse does go nova, how long will it really take for that to reach us? Would the light travel faster than normal, or would it take 640 years, since Betelgeuse is 640 light years from us?”

Or even, someplace where I could go and ask guys frank questions about their thoughts and motivations so I know I’m writing a male character as realistically as possible. And in return, male writers could ask women frank questions to make sure they’re writing female characters as true to life as they can.

I really, really want to do this. I just have one little problem: coming up with a domain name. I want something that’s short and easy to remember, something that indicates what the site is about, something that doesn’t sound new-agey, because this would actually become my ‘professional’ email address and since I’ll be using it on resumes to be sent out soon… gypsy.anna just doesn’t sound very permanent to a prospective employer, does it? 

I thought of – merging together writer and envision. It also sounds like revision, which is suitable since writers tend to do a lot of revising, and what is writing but a revisioning of reality via words?

But I don’t know if I like it. And I need a catchy slogan. I don’t want this to be something that’s just me, but something a lot of people will enjoy and find useful – and something that professionals can be lured into checking out and participating in. I imagine that it’ll be a lot of work, initially. I think I’d have to end up seeking out the professionals for specific questions and relaying question and answer – if I get an answer! – back and forth… But hopefully I’ll get other Type-A like people who wouldn’t mind helping out. 

But still! The problem of a domain name! I’m begging for suggestions!


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