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Beautiful things are all around us, often unrecognized and ignored. Beautiful things are precious and plentiful, if we'll open our eyes and see. Stop our steps and stare. Pause and reflect, think and enjoy.

Beautiful things are the pale ghost moon in a sky blue sky. The splash of gold and crimson in a sunset sky. The dance of a branch before the breeze. The stalk of a cat through the tall grass. A raptor circling on the air.

Beautiful things are the laugh of a friend during a meal and the sharing of thoughts and understanding. The anticipation of seeing a friend again, of vacations remembered or planned. Of hearing, "It's okay. I'm here," or "You can do it. I know you can," or even just hearing the friend get angry for you.

Beautiful things are the sound of rain on the roof, a cat's purr, and music lifting your heart. Beautiful things are pantings with meaning and heart, a child's happy laugh, and the smile on a child's face, there only because she or he has just seen you. Let me see your blue-sky eyes and share a kiss with me.

Beautiful things are honeysuckle and jasmine. Daffodils blooming in the spring. Roses in summer and mums in fall. Ice-limned eaves and icicle wands. Snow on the ground, perfect and white, a blanket of innocence.

Beautiful things are family around the Thanksgiving table, Christmas morning breakfast, and tears in your uncle's eyes when he takes you back to the airport. Beautiful things are horses in the field, the wolfsong for the moon, and the burble of the spring through the field.

Beautiful things are birdsong and bee-buzz. Daisy chains and four leaf clovers. Good wine and music to dance to. Barbecues and pool parties. Grandma's stories and Grandpa's loud teasing. Or the other Grandpa's soft, "Hi, sugar," as you walk in the door. Yellow squash swords and Fourth of a the July sparklers in the country dark. Bonfires and hotdogs. Old graveyards and old cars lost in the brush.

Beautiful things are memories and dreams. Yesterday and tomorrow, and everything in between.

How can anyone say there isn't a god, or more than one god? Chance alone couldn't create so many beautiful things!
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