Mar. 16th, 2010

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So.  Our second essay assignment in my Creative Nonfiction class is now turned in, as of last night.  The first draft of our third essay assignment is due Friday.  I, of course, have class tonight and tomorrow night, which leaves me essentially Thursday night to do this assignment. 

The first essay was a memoir.  Easy!  The second, a personal essay.  Easy, again - but I did discover that I really shouldn't write essays when I'm irked or angry. 

This third essay is a bit more challenging.  It's a literary journalism essay.  We're supposed to reference other sources.  Do an interview.  But first, we pick a topic which - let me see, how did she phrase it?  Oh, yes:

"For this essay, you will write on a subject with which you are familiar--something you know a great deal about."

And I have realized.... I don't know a great deal about ANYTHING.

She uses the example of knitting.  If she were writing this essay, she'd write it about knitting.

Uh.  Okay.  That doesn't help me.

So I"m completely flummoxed on what this paper should be about, especially since I have to do at least one interview.  How sad is it that after 35 years of living, the thing I know the most about is Pern?  I can find three internet sources for that, sure - but the interview?  I"d have to hit up Todd or Anne McCaffrey for that 'expert' interview.

Maybe worldbuilding?  Character creation? 

I'm wide open for ideas because there's not a one good one rattling in my brain at the moment!


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