Feb. 14th, 2010

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Now. I'm usually a supporter of parents having the right to decide what is appropriate viewing material for their own children. They know the little kiddos best, and therefore they are the best judge of that child's level of maturity.

Of course, I'm a prude in many ways. If it were left to me, the little darlings would be reading books on the level of Little House on the Prairie until they were 16, and then they could branch out to other things. I've seen some young adult novels that I thoroughly enjoyed but which broached topics I wasn't sure I wanted a 13 year old reading. But then again, those same topics are no worse than what they're finding on the 'family' sitcoms, and probably tamer, since they'd have to imagine the words into a visual whereas TV provides the visual.

However. There are limits to my support. I discovered this last night, as I was driving. I don't recall the exact conversation because the little bomb blew it clear out of my head. But it led to my 13 year old neice casually mentioning True Blood. Now, my brain automatically translates True Blood to the Sookie Stackhouse series in book form. It took a few seconds for it to dawn on me - what the hell does Codie know about True Blood? And how much does she know, to just mention it in casual conversation? Those questions were quickly answered by the realization the only way she could know anything was to have watched the show.

Then I did a stupid thing. I asked. Ignorance is bliss. Half-ignorance might drive me crazy. Knowledge drove me dumb.

Apparently, my sister thinks True Blood is a perfectly appropriate family show to sit around and watch. She, her thing she calls a husband, 13 year old Codie, and 11 year old Austin sit and watch True Blood. Together. As a family. With all the cussing, all the sex, and all the full-frontal nudity. And this is appropriate viewing material for children because, as Beth says, "They'll see it somewhere anyway."

Yes - but not for many more years yet! When they actually LOOK old enough to get into R rated movies!

I've only watched the first season of True Blood. I was greatly annoyed by the differences between the books and the show, and extremely annoyed with how badly they screwed up the Sookie Stackhouse personality. But if the following seasons were as explicit as the first season...


I have the feeling that their social worker isn't aware of what the family watches together...


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